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Geophysical Surveys

Electrical Resistivity

GEYTEX owns instrumental for  a great diversity of electrical resistivity surveys both shallow and deep: determining the electrical resistivity of the soil, Electric Tomography 2D and 3D, Induced Polarization, Equipotential and Mise-a-la-Masse ...

The GEOMETRICS OHM-MAPPER resistivity meter allows us to perform electrical tomography with high acquisition speed and high definition on surfaces where it is not possible to nail electrodes, mainly in urban areas and inside buildings.


Electrical Resistivity Mapping of Vegetal Soil

Both Galvanic and Capacitive Resistivity Methods enable scanning large areas of land for the characterization of cultivable soil layer, useful for agricultural planning

The example corresponds to a 3D image obtained by scanning with profiles separated 20 meters, in an Experimental Farm in the province of Seville (Spain)


Surface Resistivity

Galvanic Tomography


Gravimetría en el Sector Oriental de La Franja Pirítica Iberica

La investigación gravimétrica realizada por GEYTEX en el Permiso de Investigación Faralaes para RIOMIN EXPLORACIONES en los años 1.993 y 94, que era una continuación hacia el Este de las campañas realizadas por EXXON MINERA una década antes, condujeron a la localización de la Masa Las Cruces (anomalía de 3 miligales con isoanómalas en rojo, al SE de la localidad de Gerena)

Este sector fue investigado a una malla de 300 metros de espaciado

Mapeado de la Resistividad Eléctrica de la capa de suelo vegetal

El Método de Resistividad Capacitiva permite el barrido de amplias superficies de terreno para la caracterización de la capa de suelo cultivable, de utilidad en la planificación agrícola

El ejemplo corresponde a una imagen 3D obtenida mediante barrido con perfiles separados 20 metros, en una Finca Experimental en la provincia de Sevilla (España)


Cavity Detection

Electrical tomography can be a useful tool for locating cavities whenever there is a sharp contrast in resistivity. Since a gap is a highly resistive middle, is easily detectable in conducting media such as clay and silt.

The 3D model corresponds to the location of holes in sandstone, using the resistivity ABEM SAS-1000 with record at 1 meter.

Spacing profiles for obtaining model is 5 meters

Capacitive Resistivity

Building Pathology

Capacitive Resistivity method allows obtaining very high resolution 3D models given the enormous amount of information obtained in the scan

In this example we have put in evidence very resistive anomalies (over 1,000 Oh/ m) related to takeoffs under a slab by resistivity measurements using the OHM-MAPPER.

The spacing between profiles is 5 meters, with a pitch of measures 1.25 meters

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