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 Geophysical Surveys


The geophysicists of GEYTEX soon specialized in conducting large gravimetric surveys for mining purposes and formed part of the technical team that made the first microgravimetric study in Spainl, specifically in Short Barrabasa Teruel, in June 1986.

GEYTEX has a gravimeter with resolution to microgal, the Lacoste & Romberg D-74, with a current degree of damping of instrumental drift, which allows measurements with an accuracy range of 5 microgal.


Gravimetría en el Sector Oriental de La Franja Pirítica Iberica

La investigación gravimétrica realizada por GEYTEX en el Permiso de Investigación Faralaes para RIOMIN EXPLORACIONES en los años 1.993 y 94, que era una continuación hacia el Este de las campañas realizadas por EXXON MINERA una década antes, condujeron a la localización de la Masa Las Cruces (anomalía de 3 miligales con isoanómalas en rojo, al SE de la localidad de Gerena)

Este sector fue investigado a una malla de 300 metros de espaciado

Mass Mineral Location

Mine Galleries Detection


Karstic Cavities

Aldea Moret Mining Town

 (Cáceres, España)

The removal of phosphates from the nineteenth century in Aldea Moret (Caceres) gave rise to an underground network of tunnels and chambers with obvious risk of subsidence and collapse of the vaults.

The microgravimetry made by GEYTEX revealed the location of the same, being able to compare its accuracy overlapping planes of the former mine.

Grid spacing: 25 meters

Gravity Survey in the East of Pyrite Belt of South os Spain 

The gravimetric investigation made by GEYTEX in Faralaes Research Permit to RIOMIN EXPLORATIONES in the years 1993 and 94, which was a continuation eastwards of campaigns by EXXON MINING a decade earlier, led to the location of the mass Las Cruces (3 mgal anomaly to isoanómalas red, SE of the town of Gerena)

This research was made with a spacing of 300 meters between measuring points

Assessment of Subsidence Risks in Cáceres (España)

Since the year 1989 with spectacular results GEYTEX use the microgravimetric method for localization of cavities in the areas of urban expansion of Caceres, the company has made more than a hundred similar studies for locating underground cavities.

The example corresponds to the effect of a large sinkhole in  Cáceres, Spain

Measuring point spacing: 5 meters

San Miguel Church (Teruel, España)

The quality of measures provided by our gravimeter L & R D-74, along with a painstaking control of them allows us to run very high resolution surveys, which can define anomalies within 10 microgal intensity, requiring indices of repetitions that can reach the 300 per cent.

This study revealed the effects of underground chambers, galleries, cavities and fillings spreads, all of which affect the conditions of the building.

Grid spacing: 2 meters

High Resolution Studies

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