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Geophysical Surveys
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Geophysical Surveys

Ground Penetrating Radar

Using Mala GeoScience's RAMAC/GPR  provided with antennas to cover frequencies from 250 to 800 MHz, we have conducted research to the location of buried services, archaeological remains, caves and galleries, delineation of lithological contacts, contaminated soils ...

The high frequency antenna allows shallow investigations of detail: cable location, armor or paving control. While the low frequency can reach up to ten meters, serving to locate larger items, such as cavities, galleries or buried walls 


Cable and Pipe Detection

Cavity Location


Pipes location

One of the most common applications of GPR is the location service when trying trenching in urban areas, with the risk of breaking previously buried items.

The image corresponds to the detection of a collector in the city of Murcia, research performed for the burial of a high voltage cable.

Registration taken with 800 Mhz antenna

Effect of a karst cavity

In a resistive medium, like limestone, the radar signal has great penetration capacity when there is no clays on the surface.

The example corresponds to a cavity located with microgravimetry  in Cáceres (Spain)


Registration taken with 250 Mhz antenna


Archaeological Research

Location of burials

The study of  the subsurface of historic buildings is a frequent target in archeology.

In this example the 2 meter deep horizontal section of GPR records in the Monastery of Victory in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz , Spain) are collected.

Dark shadows correspond to crypts and tombs located


Registration taken with 500 Mhz antenna


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