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Seismic Methods

Since 1989, when GEYTEX acquired its first seismograph GEOMETRICS NIMBUS ES-125, the company has conducted seismic surveys both surface and in boreholes in areas such as Civil, Geotechnical and Construction, Environment, ...

Currently the company has two seismographs GEOMETRICS GEODE, bore-hole geophones, Cross-Hole hammers and software for processing Seismic Refraction, Reflection, Surface Waves and Seismic Tomography Cross-Hole 


Seismic Surface Wave

Seismic Surface Wave


MASW profil to control injections for soil improvement

Rayleigh wave generation by active (MASW) or passive (MAM) source allows 1D or 2D models of Vs distribution in the subsurface.

The example corresponds to an injection control using a profile with  2 meter geophones interval.

Improvement of land from the top to the bottom images is clearly seen by the increase in Vs at the injection site, which was held to 12 meter deep

Characterization of lithologies

Comparison of results obtained with a seismic refraction profile and Passive Seismic testing.

The MAM test is located at the center of the profile. Variations are observed in Vp and Vs passing through different media.

In this case, where Vp and Vs increase with depth, both techniques are used to characterize the field. When the slow medium is below the rapid one or both of them are alternating, only Vs could be used to characterize the different layers  

Cross-hole Tomography

Injection Control

Observing the increase of Vs in injected lands.

In the example, the injected area is between the boreholes A and B, having injected below the footing to a depth of 8 meters. The area between the boreholes B and C is unchanged.

A significant increase in Vs, especially between 3 and 7 meters deep is observed


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